LIVE: DAC Day 5 - Secret 15-0, Big God secure 2nd place

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LIVE: DAC Day 5 - Secret 15-0, Big God secure 2nd place

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 02, 2015 7:04 pm

The final day is halfway over and Secret is one game away from going throught the groupstage undefeated. At the other end of the spectrum, NewBee is fighting to not finish last. 

View the interview with Bone7 from Cloud9

Round 38
NewBee vs. CDEC-Gaming 1-0
A very aggressive line-up from CDEC gets punished for overextending just a little bit and patient play from NewBee give them the edge in the game as a farmed Medusa turned out to be unstoppable for CDEC. The former LGD Academy squad fell behind in farm too quickly. The draft from NewBee was designed to work around the Medusa and it paid off, as CDEC did not find an opening to take her down later on, meaning she could unleash her potential and eventually forced CDEC to admit defeat.
Secret vs. Vici Gaming 1-0
Vici Gaming started off well, with a farming Axe and an offlane Enigma, securing good farm on all lanes and making sure to get crucial items such as Mek and Blink Dagger up fairly early. Vici was able to burst down single targets quite easily and were able to back it up with AOE control from Enigma and Earthshaker, but Puppey's Chen made sure to keep his teammates alive and zai's Clockwerk was able to always break Vici Gaming's gameplan with crucial Hookshots onto Black's Sniper. Vici Gaming gave away a huge lead after getting picked off multiple times and eventually they lacked the damage, especially since Secret had no problems bursting the Sniper. Vici Gaming had no other choice but to call gg.
Evil Geniuses vs. Big God 0-1
EG opted to counter the Medusa from Big God with a support Naga, who would use her Song to disengage from every Medusa Stone Gaze. While that certainly worked, Big God was able to outplay EG in teamfights outside of Stone Gaze. Especially rOtk on his Batrider and a Shadow Shaman performance from LaNm ensured to disable the very elusive line-up from EG. Big God slowly sieged the highground and EG had only few answers left and eventually had to tap out.
Round 39
HyperGloryTeam vs. Vici Gaming 0-1
Vici Gaming pick up their signature Terrorblade and an in general hard to kill line-up with a defensive Support Venge and an offlane Centaur. HGT picked a strong teamfight line-up, but never really found an opening to capitalize on it. Vici slowly but steadily pushed in HGT and built an advantage, but a teamfight gone wrong brought HGT back into the game. Vici Gaming pushed the issue once again, this time around more coordinated and with additional items, such as BKBs on their cores to negate the impact of HGT's Brewmaster, and won not only the next teamfight but also the game.
Cloud 9 vs. Evil Geniuses 0-1
EG put out aggression from the first minute and tried to take away the space that C9's line-up needed to come online. SumaiL's Storm Spirit found himself an early triple kill and snowballed from there. C9 quickly lost towers and lives and found themselves on the verge of losing. A good teamfight brought them back into the game and they were able to farm up crucial items, but EG played it patiently and experienced, waiting for the right moment to force the issue. The Europeans needed a perfect game to bring it home, but failed to do so and thus lost.
Rave vs. EHOME
Round 40
Invictus Gaming vs. HyperGloryTeam
LGD-Gaming vs. Cloud 9
TongFu vs. Hellraisers

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