Soldier injured in swordfish attack

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Soldier injured in swordfish attack

Post by Admin on Thu Feb 26, 2015 10:26 am

SANDAKAN: An army personnel stationed at Tegipil Island, 47 nautical miles north west of Sandakan, was injured after he was pierced by a swordfish on his abdomen around 1am on Tuesday.

According to the commander of Sandakan navy base, First Admiral Ahmad Bin Abdullah, Corporal Jain Bin Humjak, 30, was on duty during an operation when he was attacked by the fish.

KD Sri Perlis brought the victim back to the KD Sri Sandakan base after receiving a distress call from the Joint Task Force 2.

During the incident, KD Sri Perlis was patrolling around Tigabu Island, 21 nautical miles from Tegipil Island.

The vessel reached the KD Sri Sandakan Base at 11.45am before the victim was rushed to the Duchess of Kent Hospital in an ambulance for treatment.

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