Driveclub PS4 Servers are down!

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Driveclub PS4 Servers are down!

Post by Admin on Tue Feb 03, 2015 2:16 pm

As people start to get onto their consoles, they are realizing quite an annoying happening. It seems that PS4 owners are having complications connecting to the Driveclub servers. The Dev's and directors have led out a confirmation that they are in the works of fixing the problem that has occurred for many people. Yet... There still has been no recent updates or releases being put to the game to fix this annoying issue.

Paul Rustchynsky, has posted some comments via Twitter recently. They stated stuff into relation of fixing the servers. But another, yet interesting reply was to the Private Lobbies everyone has been requesting. Paul stated that they are "working on private lobbies" whatever that is to mean, he didn't give too much more detail on the matter of it. If anything, I would suspect private lobbies to be in a far later update so, I wouldn't get to happy about it yet.

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