Ubisoft Revokes Licences For Far Cry 4 Gamers On Uplay

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Ubisoft Revokes Licences For Far Cry 4 Gamers On Uplay

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 02, 2015 6:51 pm

This day could mark a very tragic one for the gamers that happen to own the game, Far Cry 4. This tragic occurrence doesn't apply to all but, for some it will. Although they made this movement on Friday, they plan to make more changes to the fraud occurrences that have happened. The licenses have been removed for those that did a third party "switch-a-roo" of getting a hold of there game. If you purchased a digital or hard copy, you more then likely still have the game. If you are a third party "stealer" I would imagine you're in tears over the fact of it being removed. Not necessarily but, I would assume you're not very happen about what they have just done. UPlay has made sure that people know of this change via, there forums. Many have not taken note of the game missing from their libraries yet.

For resellers that sell games digitally and you own a copy, expect it to be removed. But that goes for any company too. Many, many, many gamers are unhappy of this but, they never authorized it. Simply, this is fraudulent. Ubisoft has replied to many users telling them to "Contact there third party seller for a refund" as they will not be dishing anything out for this matter. They instruct and insist that you be careful when purchasing items as the third party selling may be in the air from whom you may be buying from. They do not ask of you to stop purchasing, simply to look at what you're purchasing.

On a side note.. Ubisoft has released a recent hinting of a cooperative mission like stance. Where you can play with friends and duke it out with more fun. They have taken notice to many complaints users have made against the game and how ordinarily lame it is without having another person in the game with you. They stated it was in the works but, they haven't released any news or leaks of this actually happening.

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